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Edniverse Lightings

Ambience Lighting/Wash Lights

Picture3 Picture2 Picture1 Picture8
Picture7 Picture6 Picture5 Picture4
  • Using programmable LED wash lights, practically any color can be created to suit different mood and themes
  • Amount of wash lights depends on size of hall, venue or ballroom



Moving Head Beam/Spot

Moving Head Beam Spot
  • Moving Heads are one of the most commonly used fixtures in any event.
  • It is programmable and versatile to do things like a spot light, wall/floor/ceiling effect gobo design (Left Pic), creating beam of effects with the help of haze or smoke machine (Center & Right Pic) or even wash a certain area like an ambient lighting
  • Things that are programmable: Position, Colour (10-14 colours typically), Zoom, Gobos are Rotatable/Prism effect/pattern jitter (Certain gobos) or combination of this 3 effects



Moving Head Beam/Spot Gobo

spot gobo

  • The above photos are some of the readily available gobo designs built into the moving head lights
  • Gobo can be designed & customized and inserted into the moving head lights to be projected on surface for example:





LED Uplight


  • LED Uplight is a method using LED fixture to highlight and color a particular spot or area.
  • It can be color programmed separately to enhance wall panel (top left pic), highlight pillars (top center & right pic),
    light up drapes ( bottom center right & right pic), placed under crystals/blings to bring out the glitter (bottom left & center left pic)



Stage Lights

In this context, stage lights are used to illuminate/brighten the stage


  • These dinosaur-age lightings are called par cans (Picture above). It requires massive current, dissipate lots of heat and can only do one color at a time. It has been widely replace with LED Par cans. It has similar physical look but with the flexibility of different color programming



  • Moving Head LED is gaining popularity in this area as these programmable fixtures can have practically any color, different positions and even zoom. This minimizes setup time and also help in focusing lights on stage unlike par cans whereby the Zoom angle is fixed. Top right pic shows moving head led with small zoom angle creating beam effects



Follow Spot


  • Follow spot as the name says, are commonly used to follow object especially performer, bride & groom (speech or march-in) or any other events where highlight is needed
  • Follow spot requires manpower to handle unlike moving head lights which are not as flexible in terms of programming
  • Follow spot is color interchangeable and its iris can be zoom & focus